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7 Mystical Places Really Exist in This World

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7 Mystical Places Really Exist in This World. What's on your mind if you heard the mystical word? Would you be afraid or would you be more curious?

If you are the kind of man who is not afraid of the mystical world, you better be careful with it. Not infrequently something mystical also has a dislike of the world besides them. Here are summarized 7 places in this world that sound mystical. But it does really exist. So guys what are they ?

7 Mystical Places Really Exist in This World

1. Camelot Castle

King Arthur and his knights held a meeting and vowed faithfully at the Round Table in Camelot castle. The round table is the symbol that everyone's position is the same, nothing greater or higher. It is also the background behind the round table conference in the modern era.

Like the Telegraph page, historians believe the castle of King Arthur, Camelot was built on the site of the Roman amphitheater - which was recently discovered in Chester. They say, 'round table' is not just furniture or furniture, like a dining table. The round table is a structure made of stone and wood and can occupy 1,000 people at a time.

2. Cibola, The Seven Cities of Gold in Arizona, America

In 1539, a Catholic priest Marcos de Niza, a Franciscan priest, reported to Spanish colonial officers in Mexico City that he had seen the legendary city of Cibola in what is now New Mexico. The priest's statement has reinforced the story that has been rooted in society at that time. The priest gives details of the image of the gold and magnificent city and is located in a terraced area on the edge of the hills. The priest's statement also contained his fear of entering the area for fear of killing indigenous people and seeing only from a distance.

3. City of Troy in Turkey

Is a legendary and central city of the Trojan War as told in the Greek Heroes Story (English: Epic Cycle, Greece: ΕπικΚύ Κύκλος), especially in the Iliad, one of Homer's two heroic poetry, an Ancient Greek artist. Currently the name is an archaeological site, the traditional location of Troy city according to Homer, also called Turkish Truva, in Hisarlık in the Anatolian region, close to the coast of Çanakkale province to the northwest of Turkey, southwest of the Dardanelles at the foot of Mount Ida.

4. Fountain of Youth in Florida

As known Fountain of Youth has been known for centuries but still a great mystery. Is it true there is a pool? Where is the pool located? Because this water source is believed to make humans or animals live long or ageless. 

To the extent that information The magic well came to the ears of Alexander The Great or Zulkarnain. He was curious to decide to go with his best friend Al Khidr or Khidir. In the journey he was accompanied by a cook named Andreas in Syria version Or Idris in Arabic version. But there is another theory mentioning that he was accompanied by a mysterious person named Al-Khidr or Prophet Khidir. Khidr itself means "eternal life" or floridus  In Latin.

5. Mount Olympus in Greece

The highest mountain located in Greece with an altitude of 2919 meters and there is a city located at the foot of the mountain is often touted as the city of the god of Litochoro city.

According to the belief, Zeus and his brothers Poseidon and Hades wanted to take over the power of his father Kronos who at that time served as the supreme god .. After Zeus and his brothers defeated his father, then the reign of the new universe began. This period is called, the time of the god Olympus. In this period there are 12 gods in charge as well as manage their respective sections of power.

6. Sherwood Forest in Nottingham, England

Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire, England is like being a hell for dogs. Because until now had many dogs who died after crossing the forest with the cause is still a mystery. Last year, there were 4 dead dogs and 14 severely ill after walking near the tree shaped like the creepy dog standing up.

In the forest there is an old tree shaped like a dog standing. With head, nose and mouth and two front legs like people or dogs standing. But until now experts have not linked the tree with the many victims of dogs that pass near the tree.

7. The Shire in England

Is the name of an area contained in the fantasy story of The Lord of the Rings. The area is populated by the Hobbit. The region lies to the southwest of the central Earth, including the territory of Eriador and the kingdom of Arnor.

So here they are, 7 Mystical Places Really Exist in This World

Senin, 24 April 2017

Here it is 7 Games from Indonesia in Google App

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Here it is 7 Games from Indonesia in Google App. Do you like playing games? Really like it? If you like playing games, well here are some games that are easy and light. If you know about Indonesia. That's right, Indonesia which has many islands and cultures. Apparently Indonesia also launched some games on Google. Want to know what exciting Indonesian games are launched on Google? Let's take a look.

Here it is 7 Games from Indonesia in Google App

We have a Battle Box

As the name suggests, this game provides the main characters in the box. Well, there is a funny character in this game using the original Indonesian characters, such as modern wayang figures.

Cute Kill

I really do not understand how can, a killing act done in a cute way? Cute Kill. Really cute right the name of this game ?


Look Out ! Indonesia has many Indonesia has many creepy stories. Better be careful, dude.

Faunia Rancher

Cute name again. Tis game will bright up your days with trees and fruits and animals. Get it soon.


The word here means the world of metaphysic. Somethin which is out of our logic way of thingking. This game will lead you to the other world. Have a great journey, dude.


Its about another battle, guys. But its on pixel art graphics. For you who like the way of pixel art treat your day, then grab it fast !

Sage Fusion

The fusion of manga character were added here. Beautiful and harmful boy are available for you.

Save the Hamster

We have hamster for the last choice here. Another cute game from Indonesia will invite you to the sunny, funny and adventurous days.

So Here it is 7 Games from Indonesia in Google App

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Here It Is Seven Forbidden Sites in Deepweb, Wanna Try It ?

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Forbidden here means that you have no permission to access the particular page or resource that you open. For some reason there are alot of website in this world are not public consumed. Somehow, that what makes some people also have a big question. Why ?

Teenagers are believed the only creatures on earth who has this big question. Want to obey them or just broke into the system ?

So, lets check it out for Here It Is Seven Forbidden Sites in Deepweb !

1. We have Black Market Here

I think there's no wonder why for this kind of site especially for young teenagers, right ?!

2. What's on your mind when you heard these words ?

3. Human Leather. Is it the redemption of animals ?

4. Free Live Webcam on Pentopia. Interested ?

5. Plane Crash Info. Why ?

6. How About Rent a Hitman ? No bullies on earth definetely.

7. These web called Suicide Guide. Leads you to the death.

So Here It Is Seven Forbidden Sites in Deepweb. Interested ?

Minggu, 09 April 2017

Seven Sites Spotted Fiction But Originally Real

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For you who often really watching fiction movies will definitely surprised to see the sights of this kind of worldwide. Here it is Seven Sites Spotted Fiction But Originally Real ! Let's see guys ..

The first location can be found in mainland of China. Here we will see a view of the colorful hills. This hill is better known as the Rainbow hill. Let's check it out !

1. Rainbow Hill of China Mainland

We can see this beautiful creature in Zhangye Danxia National Geographic in China. I can't really believe it's real, guys. It's so amazing !

2.  Transparent Lake in Montana, USA

Next we have a beautiful lake around USA. What is unique here, we can see through its water the condition of the whole lake from the bottom. Must be fortune place for a fisherman to live here, right ?!

3. Crystal Cave in Iceland

Who wants ice tea here ?

4. Geyser in Yellowstone National Parks Wyoming USA

Wish a cold heart can be melted in this place, lol !

5.  Lighting Beach in Bioluminescent Bay Puertorico

What if Katty Perry take her next background video in this place ? No more fireworks, lets get lightning beach.

6.  How bout Tunnel of Love in Ukraina. Hmm, it must have been love, right ?!

7.  Tunnel of Wisterian Flower in Kawachi Fuji Garden, Japan
Let's say darL, i wanna love you once again :p

So there you are Seven Sites Spotted Fiction But Originally Real for you.

Jumat, 07 April 2017

Funny Smart Dog Must See in 2017

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Smart dog is usually preferred by its owner because it can help human activities. Smart dog already many around the world because these animals can indeed be a friend and helping people work for example, keeping the home page or help fetch the newspaper.

In this post we show you some pictures of cute dogs and smart that you can use as a picture on Facebook or social media accounts profile photos so friends hai or know that you are a dog lover

Smart Dog with Eyeglass, its funny and cute

 Smart Dog with Eyeglass, its funny and cute

Smart Dog with pen

Smart Dog with pen

Smart Dog with white background 

Smart Dog with pen

smart dog

Smart Dog in Mathematics

Smart Dog Reading a Book

7 Bentuk Buah yang Abnormal Ini Bikin Kamu Geleng Kepala !

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Seperti yang kita tahu kalau setiap buah memiliki bentuk dan raa nya yang unik, Buah Jeruk misalnya telah bertahun - tahun kita ketahui jika bentuknya bulat. Buah semangka kita tahu bentuknya bulat dan lonjong. Dan masih banyak lagi

Bentuk buah yang rata-rata bulat ini tidak hanya bersifat regional ataupun nasional bahkan sifatnya internasional. Suatu kali ketika kita berjalan-jalan ke Amerika kita pastinya tahu bahwasanya jeruk berbentuk bulat dan semangka berbentuk lonjong.

Tapi ada yang baru ini. Kalian pasti akan geleng-geleng kepala melihat fakta yang berikut ini. Kita simak yuk ! 7 Bentuk Buah yang Abnormal Ini Bikin Kamu Geleng Kepala !

  1. Buah Pir Berbentuk Patung Budha
    Gimana ya kalau kita makan buah ini ? Rasa buahnya mungkin selezatbuah nirvana ya, guys.

2. Buah Semangka Berbentuk Kotak
    Waaaa yang seperti ini nih bakal jadi kompetitor kado di hari ulang tahun ! hehhee ...

3. Buah Terong Kembar
    Kira -kira jenis kelaminnya perempuan apa laki - laki ya, guys ?!

4. Buah Apel Kulit Jambu Merah
    Ternyata ambiguitas tidak hanya menjangkit pada manusia saja, buah apel pun mulai tertular :D

5. Buah Apel Kulit Dobel
    Kira - kira rasa manisnya apel ada di balik warna yang mana nih ya ?

6. Kalau Jeruknya Tidak Lagi Bulat
    Mungkin benar - benar sudah terbalik ini ya dunia hehehe

7. Dan Jika Tomat Mulai Menyamar Jadi Bebek
   Apakah si Induk akan keliru mengenali anak bebeknya ? :D

Itu dia 7 Bentuk Buah yang Abnormal Ini Bikin Kamu Geleng Kepala !

Rabu, 05 April 2017

Dijamin Bakal Bikin Kamu Terpana, 7 Foto Panorama Alam Di Dunia Paling Sensasional

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Sering dijumpai beberapa foto pemandangan alam yang nampak indah dan eksotis sehingga kita yang menyaksikannya pun akan terpukau. Namun tidak sedikit pula foto pemandangan alam indah yang juga merupakan editan alias rekayasa, meskipun gambar tersebut terlihat asli dan natural. Tetapi percayakah kalian bila banyak tempat di dunia ini yang memiliki panorama indah sekaligus menakjubkan, yang bahkan membuat kita terkagum dan seakan tidak percaya bahwa tempat itu ada. Beberapa tempat tersebut bahkan terlihat seperti negeri dongeng saking indahnya. Tidak percaya ?? silahkan cek 7 Foto Panorama Alam Di Dunia Paling Sensasional berikut ini :

1. Terowongan Pohon Yang Menakjubkan Di Ballynoe Irlandia Utara

 2. Whitehaven Beach ( Surga Pasir Putih ) Di Australia

 3. Zhangjiajie Stone Forest (Pegunungan Avatar) Di China

 4. Pantai Tersembunyi di Marietas Islands Di Puerto Vallarta, Meksiko

5. Gunung Roraima Di Venezuela

6. Santorini Di Yunani

7. Victoria Falls, Zambia dan Zimbabwe

Itulah beberapa tempat di dunia yang sangat indah dan menakjubkan. Yang bahkan bagi sebagian orang mungkin tidak percaya bahwa tempat tersebut memang ada. Tapi percayalah bahwa foto yang kamu lihat memang benar-benar nyata, kalau kamu tempat mana yang paling kamu suka ??